Using MHVillage / JLT lists to find park owners?


Are these reports accurate enough to warrant the cost? I am beginning to build my database and am wondering the most time time and cost effective way in which to do so. Any advice on how best to build an owner database would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


I wouldn’t buy a list. The database process is 4 parts.

  1. Build a list (MHVillage has a good one and it’s free to look at. Just hire a virtual assistant to move this data to a spreadsheet)

  2. County Records (Parlay 2.0 is a great service for this. It is Google Earth based so I also like to have the virtual assistant drop a pin on Google Earth once they’ve gathered the owner records)

  3. Secretary of State search to find owners of entities

  4. Skip Tracing to find cell phones, land line phones, accurate mailing addresses

Buying a list helps you with step 1 but steps 2-4 are where you start having a database that you can do something with.


@CharlesD Thanks, I thought as much. I appreciate your response and all the help you’ve given me through the podcast.