TRU vs ScotBuilt vs Clayton vs Champion? durability and overall quality for price?


Hello All-

This is my first post. I have purchased an empty MHP in cash and now I am looking to fill the park with the most quality and durable homes for the lowest price (utilizing the 21st Mortgage program). My goal is to own the homes for at least the 12 year duration on my loans. After that I will likely rent-to-own. With this plan in mind, I need homes that will hold up well for a long time.

Does anyone have any experience with TRU or ScotBuilt? Is the quality okay? They are less expensive than Clayton and Champion. Should I spend the extra money and get the more expensive brands?

Does anyone have an additional manufacturer option that they think is durable but value based?

Thank you!


Tru is owned by Clayton.

Clayton owns around 50% of the industry, Champion / Skyline probably 30%

They own the factories/ brands.


I don’t have an answer for you, but I’d be curious to hear what others more experienced than me would say.

Just a few thoughts:
-All of the homes are theoretically built to code, so I would guess none of them are on average too bad.

-The new homes I’ve bought (Tru homes and generic Claytons) have had mediocre quality control. Half the homes arrived with obvious construction issues that were caught with a simple walkthrough. The builder did a good job of making the problem right, but it’s a little concerning that they didn’t catch even basic items before sending the home out the door. I have to assume there are similar issues on some of the homes in hidden places (sloppy wiring, plumbing, etc)

-It’s my limited understanding that Clayton started Tru fairly recently (~5-7 years ago) so no one knows for sure how they will stand up to the test of time.


I have heard that Legacy homes were a bit better ( no experience ) my experience is what Noel S says. Some homes , small things then we had this one house with like 6 problems. Maybe it was the day after a Super Bowl or world series or something and everyone was hung over. But leaves a bad taste in your mouth. And a leak that took 4 warranty trips to come out ( and pissed off people as well)

Then i though palm harbor was better and might be. I guess they came out with their own line called Legacy ( not to be confused with the manufacturer) and we had one of those come into a park and looked nice inside but then seemed to have more issues than a Tru on delivery. Even the plumber and electrician told me they liked the Tru better over those.

Maybe the more upscale Claytons are different ( Ie the Dragons, any comments? ) I would love to hear about it.

I think you have to expect some issues from shipping something like this and then getting it together, but sometimes … makes you wonder.