Tree Trimming...who's responsible


This may be a dumb question, but for those of you that have TOH’s…do you maintain trimming trees, etc, near the tenant’s homes if the branches are hanging over their homes etc? We have a mature-tree park and as the years have gone by I’m concerned in a heavy storm someone might get a large limb or part of a tree on their roof. Our tenants own their homes and are responsible for mowing their yard space, etc, but obviously the land is ours so should they be responsible for overhanging limbs, or should we?


Hi Missouri,

This makes me think of that old question “If a tree falls in the woods, does it make a sound?” I tell you what, if a tree falls on a mobile home there will be lots of sounds, and cussing, and possible death of a resident or resident pet. Plus your property insurance will get a work out.

Regular maintenance to all aspects of your park are key, keep the trees trimmed annually, go through and handle the nasty ones, take out the dangerous ones, who knows, it might even be a write off on taxes. :wink:


It is probably going to be your responsibility. I see where you’re coming from with not really wanting to pay it but in the end you will almost certainly be paying for this. I know that if you have a dead tree and it falls and kills someone you could be held liable. I am going through the process of removing 3-6 trees in my park now and it sucks paying that bill but I am sleeping better at night.


Makes sense and I figured as much, but wanted to see what others thought. I appreciate the feedback!


If an healthy tree falls by an act of God you are not responsible. However,if it is a diseased or rotten or even partially rotten tree and if falls you the owner of the,tree are responsible according to the insurance companies which I write for. But it’s your land and your tree. I think you the,park owner should always keep the park safe.