TEXCO February 7, 2018


For those of you interested in owning and operating parks in Texas, we are hosting an event in League City Feb. 7th. Early bird pricing ends today and space is limited to 200 attendees and the networking cruise is limited to 100. We have many great presenters lined up including MHU’s own Frank Rolfe!

Additionally, we will be holding an underwriting seminar, presenting some pre-market deals, and allowing a small handful of funds and operators to present their offerings the day before which will lead into a networking happy hour. The details of the events on the bonus day (Feb. 6th) have not been finalized yet, but will be soon. If you have a deal or fund and are seeking equity and you’d like to present your offering please contact me. We are actively seeking an audience of accredited investors that are interested in partnering or investing in the MH space to go along with existing operators. We still have space for a handful more presenters.

Hope you are able to join us!

Looking to buy first MHP (Texas)

Id just like to say to anyone considering going this was a great event earlier this year. Lots of great content and especially nice as there was a great amount of TX specific info. Had a chance to meet a lot of great people and see some familiar faces. Hope to see everyone there if you can make it!


I just booked it. I hope it is as good as it sounds. I am looking forward to it.


I went to this event but had to arrive halfway through it so I missed some of the morning speakers. Does anyone have a list of speakers from this event?


If you click on the link and then click view details you can see a list of topics.


Thanks for your help