Texas Law, filling lots

Is there a texas law that states that a MHP owner has the right to fill any lots that had existed at any point in the past? Maybe that had utility hookups in the past. Frank reference this in one of his audio files on the site, but I can’t find it online.


You want to very with the municipality on their take aside from the law.


Perfect, thank you! This helps a bunch.

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The city of Corpus Christi is giving us a hard time on replacing mobile homes. Here’s the deal: for a while the previous owner has one mobile home sitting on two sites, and then replaced that home with 2 RVs. Now we are wanting to put two mobile homes there. They say since the home was there before, the use is now for 1 mobile home, which to me contradicts Texas bill 1248 “a municipality may not require a change in the nonconforming use of any manufactured home lot.” They also say if you put an RV there you change the standard to that.
I know Frank Rolfe said this has been challenged in court and it lost all of those handful of times. Does anyone have a reference to those court cases? or any other input would be helpful.
Also - when we bought the park, we did get a letter from the city saying the park is existing non conforming and is legal to operate a set number of lots.