Tenants Pitching Tents


Any thoughts on whether this should be allowed?


Are they on their lots?


Yes [need to remove this min character thing]


Seems a lot of you on here want to run a gestapo camp and collect your big bucks…why not trying, for once, being a friend and see that we have lives also, not just what you think we should be? Or are you the type that its shut up, dont do anything outside your home and make me rich? At least it looks in good shape, not all torn up.


@bobodo2 I don’t really think the holocaust analogy was appropriate at all. Also, have you ever considered what it was like from the owners perspective? It’s not a very good business model to be friends with people that owe you money. And I can guarantee that the only reason any owner appear to be strict is because they or someone they know has been bitten by trying to be “nice” to their tenants.


No, I’m the type that doesn’t want to hear from the city about ordinance violations or have 100 others tents (that are likely not in good shape) once people think that it’s acceptable. You think this is personal and seem to have a vendetta - get over it because it’s not.


its not personal but it also seems to me that owners dont want anything of tenants outside or want the tenants to have a life. I have worked for a few owners that did the same thing ie: complaining about everything that John Doe does but sure put on a fake ass smile when they paid their rent on time. If it was up for a few days then no problem but coming on here and asking for others opinions seems to me that maybe you are one of the gestapo landlords that want it picture perfect and 1 car households and God forbid if there are toys or kids riding around.


And sorry if you only wanted to hear from those that give you the advice to have it taken down or even worse send an eviction if they dont. Some of us do have a heart . Ever think maybe, just maybe, that was put up for , Oh I dont know, maybe a family gathering to keep bugs away? Maybe an elderly family neighbor that cant get to much sun? If you only want opinions that agree with your way of thinking then a forum like this isnt the place for it…think about that. Call the zoning or city, ask them but dont expect just people that agree with you to answer.


I would say it depends on what the rental agreement/rules and regs read. The tent /gazebos are a fairly new item. If you allow one tenant to have one; all tenants can have one. Some will get nice ones and maintain them, others will not. Depending on your Park Standards, decide what works in the Park and address it in your Rules and Regs. We are not allowing them because of complaints from other residents that don’t want to look at them from their windows, the damage to the grass and the fact that they may look good when new but don’t if not maintained. Again, we are a manufactured community, not a campground and should keep the standards consistent to maintain the home values of our residents.