Tenants not paying sub metered electric bills


Hi Guys, I need some advise. I own a park in Texas that has sub metered electric. I get the bill and then collect from the tenant, well this summer rates went sky high and some had bills as much as $500 for one month. It is a low income park and I cannot get my electric bill money from the tenants. I am told I cannot disconnect them, and also cannot evict them due to not paying the electric bill. Some owe as much as $1000 in back electric. Any suggestions ?


Rates shouldn’t have increased. Are you in a regulated market or on a variable rate plan? I would be glad to review your rates and provide you a quote on a new electric contract. We broker commercial energy through out Texas and also audit multifamily billings for sales tax refunds.


If your state landlord tenant regulations do not allow you to evict for non payment do you have the right to non renew their lease. If so then get rid of them asap.
You need to get rid of all tenants that can not afford to live there and then take them to small claims court to get a ruling. Biggest problem with low income tenants is the inability to collect when they stop paying.
To protect your business you should probably consider upgrading your tenant base to a higher class that you can collect from when they default.


We own parks in Texas. Read chapter 94. Register with the puc as a utility provider. You will be. Be able to disconnect electric for non payment. But only according to puc guidelines.

What city is your park in?