Tenant moving out - home does not have title


One of my tenants is moving out (Kansas). He has lived in his home for 6 years. This is a tenant owned home. He has been paying the taxes on his home all along.

He is moving out in a few days, and he says that I can do with the home whatever I want. But he does not have title to the home.

What should I do? Should I purchase the home from him for a nominal fee? How can I get a title to his home?

Thank you.


Confirm using the HUD tag that the tenant is the owner on file. Regardless get a bill of sale and take it through your state process to get the title.


Is the title in his name? If so, have him get a duplicate title and sign it over to you. If it isn’t in his name, check with the Motor Vehicles dept or MHP governing agency to find out how to get it - you may have to go through the abandonment process.


We just found a lawyer and she has been able to get a title for every abandoned home (in our parks) we have come across - about 8 of them so far. We are in missouri but, Kansas should be similar. We feel the money spent to get the title will be easily recovered when we sell the home. We were hesitant to even sell the homes without a title. Best of luck.