Tenant leases - what do you use?

I recently closed on a small park with a mix of mobile homes and RVs. Do most people use Frank’s standard lease (customized by an attorney in the state of the park), or a standard form provided by the Manufactured Housing Association in your state (mine provides month to month lease forms for both mobile homes and RVs). I have my own set of park rules made up, which will be part of either lease agreement : )

Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.

I used mostly Frank’s standard lease with some bits and pieces of the old owners lease. I did ask Brandon for a copy of the lease they use in my state which is Minnesota though where they have many parks.

Here’s a thought. You’ll find out what weaknesses are in your lease language over time when the judge doesn’t do what you want. Or the tenants don’t do what you want. So you add that to the lease for next time. Over time, your lease will evolve.

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I worked with an attorney to draft one. It only cost $250 and I think it was well worth it. I also learned a great deal about tenant laws in Alabama in working with the attorney.

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Can you provide the attorney’s name? I have a MHP in Alabama and am looking for an attorney.