Tenant got a new dog, now what?

small park in Texas. Tenant just got a “Boxer-blend” dog–that is what the papers from the city say when they took it to get registered… Some tenants say it looks like a pit. The dog is 34 lbs.

two questions:

  1. rules say no dog over 30 lbs so is this a blatant “no”?

  2. how can I tell if it is a boxer-blend or whatever? I was going to show pic to a vet to verify. Your thoughts?

Thank you


Get rid of it on the 30+ pound rule basis. Don’t get into the mutt genetics business unless you have to.


Biggest mistake any park owner can make is having rules they do not enforce. Tenants will learn that they can break any rules they choose.
Rules exist for a reason. If there is a violation either enforce it or change your rules.

IMHO, the breed is irrelevant. Your rules are your rules. It’s over-size limits.
My rules say no dogs and that is fully and consistently enforced along with any other rule.


Agree 100%. What difference does the breed/type make? Keep it simple!

And Greg is also 100% correct. Enforce your rules — all your rules — Every. Single. Time. If you don’t enforce on this tenant, you will have big problems enforcing on any other.

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