Tenant Bailed on $1100 in past due rent and w/s in a contract for deed home with a 3rd party


Do I have any recourse? Ownership reverted to 3rd party and I’m debating trying to find a way to put a lien on the home since they’re being difficult . Is that possible?


Exactly why I do not allow subletting of any form. Contract for title is murky water in this situation. I would pay for a consultation with an attorney before I made any moves. That one hour charge could save you a lot of hassles ahead.


How did the ownership revert if the CFD was never fulfilled? Title doesn’t change on CFD until final payment is made…like rent to own.

If ownership did change and you have an unrecorded lien prior to ownership change then someone lied on the free of debts and liens affidavit when transferring ownership and you have legal hurdles to recover that.

My preferred option - simply let the owner of the home know they are now on the hook for lot rent, have the follow 10 items of deferred maintenance to fix in 30 days, and notice to your rules have been updated to no longer sublet which would prevent future CFD - and they have to do a proper owner finance and transfer title…to someone you have to screen and approve.

Attorney in your state would be worth a quick consult to cover local nuances.

Keep us posted.