Swimming pools and trampolines

I have a park under contract.

There are above ground unfenced swimming pools (not kiddie pools) and trampolines in the park.

I contacted the commercial account manager at Mobile Insurance Agency (Kurt Kelley’s company), and she said that I will not get insurance if there are pools or trampolines in the park.

What should I do? I want the park, but I have to get rid of the pools and trampolines first? Do I tell the seller that he has to get rid of the pools and trampolines before we close?

Thank you.

It’ will be part of the new park rules once you own it. If you do buy it, rules like this can’t have a grey area.
I’ve heard of some parks having tenants get extra liability for certain issues but even if you verified the tenant kept current on their insurance I would want to ask my carrier.

You will have some time to get the rules in place. Call them back and have the agent walk you through that process. You don’t own the park yet so you really can’t go enforce rules at this moment.

Patsy knows what she’s talking about. Ask for their advice the ways to get insurance during the transition as this can take time, similar to dogs, etc. They should be able to help you with alternatives if they cannot write your business immediately.

I had a similar situation last year on a new park purchase. Several tenants with large pools and trampolines. Once we had issued our lease and rules, our manager followed up to notify them they had to removed the pools and trampolines immediately. There was a lot of complaining, but was to be expected.

We do not allow dangerous breed dogs or large dogs over 35 pounds. It’s the same process - this park had around 8 pit bulls that the previous, negligent owner had allowed to be there. It took a few months and a few evictions to get all the dogs removed, but we finally got all of them out. It’s a huge pain, but worth it for the long term success of the property.

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@Peter , as per swimming pools and trampolines:

  • Please remember that removing the current swimming pools and trampolines is step one in the process and then you have to continually ‘remind’ your Tenants what is not allowed (ie swimming pools and trampolines).

As a MHP Owner you can make your MHP swimming pool and trampoline free and then in the future one of your Tenants will not ‘remember’ the rules and will put up a swimming pool or trampoline.

Thus, you need to continually ‘remind’ the Tenants.

In a recent letter to our MHP Tenants I wrote the following:

  • NO Swimming Pools - (NO Empty Pools / NO Filled Pools / NO Kiddie Pools / NO Wading Pools / NO Little Pools / NO Big Pools)

As a MHP Owner you have to be diligent in your management.

We wish you the very best!

you guys also have to remember how it was to be a kid. Most people in MPH don’t have the silver dollar as the owner does, to be able to take their kids out whenever they please to do fun activities. I don’t think its fair that you ask so much for a home but yet you cant make it yours. you want these tenants to feel at home. Not as if they have to step on their tip toes. Rules are a must to have a regulated harmony MHP. However, its not fair taking these fun activities away from the kids.Make them sign a contract, Make them pay a fee. Kiddie pools should be fine. Swing sets should be fine and so trampolines as well. As long as the tenants are not disturbing others, and the children/parents are not making fools out themselves or tearing things up, and taking care of the property; then let them be. Really, there is gonna be more of a chance of a child getting hurt, then they have nothing to do outside during a beautiful day, because they are trying to find things to do.

How did you handle this situation with removing the dogs?