Surprise! Park fiilled with Pits


OK so I know the answer but wanted to get some other opinions. Doing due diligence on a park. Park is actually in good shape and don’t have issues. There are all TOH’s. However, I have run into a situation where today I notice that a number of folks have very large dogs. Mainly pitts and a german sheppard. All which perfectly state in the Park Rules and Leases they signed that they are not allowed to have. So my question is that these tenants have a very long history in the park and this issue has been obviously ignored.

Give me some ways you would handle it. Have dealt with it with new people applying and its easy to say no but now approaching these folks who obviously have been doing it for a long time is interesting.


Well you could try talking to your insurance rep and seeing if there is any way to let them keep their dog by having them purchase their own individual liability policy and signing a statement that they will keep it up to date as long as they have the dog. That might get you around having to kick out the dogs and or the resident


I would personally make this an issue the seller has to address since they allowed it to happen against park rules. In the end… it’s a lease violation and I would make them get rid of the dogs. Be prepared to lose some tenants. In my opinion your liability is just too high with this violation. If you allow these pets to stay… you become somewhat liable for their behavior because you knowingly allowed a rules violation, meant for safety of the overall community. It also sets the precedence that your rules aren’t going to be enforced.


Yes this is by far the only real answer. Always good to get feedback and make sure your thinking of things the right way.


If it is a community rule it must be enforced as written or removed from your rules.
You should review all your community rules, remove all rules you do not intend to inforce, and send a new copy out to all your residents. Not enforcing any community rule uniformly will make that rule null and void.
When you become the owner of a community that is the best time to inforce the rules and clean up. You should send a notice to all in violation and make it clear that rules are intended to be followed.