South East Bank Lenders for Refinance


Has anyone in the south east had luck with bank loans on mobile home parks recently?

I purchased a park outside of Columbia SC with a short term loan for a turn-around project and am now looking for longer-term financing.

Great credit, turn around well under way, rent role increasing monthly, low loan to value ratio and high personal income, but I can’t find a traditional lender who is willing to lend on a mobile home park.

The loan to value ratio is low and the loan amount is too small to qualify for the Fanny and Freddy loan programs.



I can help you out with some long term funding for your park send me an email @


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I own a few in Spartanburg but I would try Southern First. I called them for a deal that I was doing in Charleston and they were open to parks. I didn’t close for other reasons, but I’m pretty sure they are in Columbia. Give them a ring.


As long as the loan is over $500K we do have some lenders that will go that low on deal size. Let me know if we can help.



We are a nationwide park lender and can look at it if it is over $1,500,000. Please email me or give me a call.

Kurt Wilkerson
Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance, Inc.


Thank you for the leads.

This is a small loan, likely ~300k depending on appraisal value and is unfortunately too small for both the loan with VMF lending and ARC.

First Community Bank is currently looking into it and I’m hopeful that they will be able to complete the loan.