Solution for hard to read meter boxes?


Anyone have any tricks for hard to read meter boxes that get water in them and mud? Sometimes making it hard to be able to read them? I know there is the electronic ones with wifi but looking for a manual solution . Have used hand pumps. Most recently ryobi 18v pump but with the screen just not a good fit as it stops it up. How do we make it so we can read the meters after a hard rain? Is there some type of extended meter box to add a foot height, will that even work? Any comments , suggestions, thoughts are appreciated.


I had to put a 4 inch pvc pipe about 12 inches tall around one with the same problem (fits inside the meter box). After the water drains just remove the pipe, read meter, and put back. Push into the dirt so it stands upright…cut notches around the line if needed.


Dare i ask if you have pics, this sounds really interesting and would solve it, I’m just having a hard time visualizing the setup


I don’t but it’s basically one of these around the meter…


Ok i kind of have a better idea and what you are doing makes sense and I like it. Have you figured out a way to keep the water from getting into the meter? or any thoughts on a way to do it ? It can just be annoying sometimes when you git that time where it rains for 2 weeks and you are trying to get the reads in but cant. Not a pressing issue, just figured others have to deal with it?

Thanks @jhutson !!!


Hello, A meter Yoke is designed for this application, available through numerous plumbing suppliers.


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If you press the PVC into the dirt a couple inches it will usually hold out a good 4 inches of water over a 24 hour period. But yea if you have constant rain for two weeks then some will inadvertently get in there… I have not wanted to spend more than a few bucks on a solution and this does the job 80% of the time. It should also reduce the amount of hand pumping you might need to do when it does happen to be a problem.


I don’t know where your park is located … but it doesn’t freeze here in the deep south, so I am planning to install meters above ground mounted on concrete blocks about knee high with shut-offs on both sides.


Thanks all
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A drill powered pump at Harbor Freight is $4. Use it with a cordless drill. Might work, might not, only $4!