Small park loan

I’m under contract on a small park in Georgia with pretty good numbers and lots of upside. I would need a very small loan of ~130k with my down payment. Does anyone have a suggestion for lenders that do smaller loans like these?

hello my too I looking for same things


Give this guy a try:

Brad Rymer
Cloverleaf Capital Group

Good luck on your deal!

~Brandon Reynolds


Thank you so much Brandon!!


Call every bank in the area and pitch your acquisition plan. It might take a lot of time, but you just need one to say yes.



Send me an email, I can hook you up with a lender that can help you.

Frank Boland (replace the “AT” with an “@”)


Happy to have a look at this for you.

We have direct capital ready to deploy into the right deals.

Give me a call on +19294442915.


I have come across Brad’s name a few times and reached out to him last week on assistance with a deal I have. He seems very knowledgeable and seems to have the connections to really help.

Before I start sending him sensitive information can you confirm he is the real deal?


He definitely is. He has closed several deals for our students. He is straight forward and honest.

He is a former CFO of our management company before he branched out to start this new venture.

Let me know of any other questions!


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