Skiptracing Phone #'s / LLCs

What websites/services do you use to find owners info (specifically phone #'s, and the real owners of an LLC)? I’ve tried a few, with mixed results.


I would suggest going to the park and connecting with the owner through the tenants or on-site property manager. However, during this corona crisis that might be difficult. If you figure out a way to do it more directly I would strongly suggest going that route.

I have been able to dig on the internet and figure out the owners of an MHP, however I personally feel creepy doing this and when I call the owner I get the impression they are wondering where I got their #. Imaging the coldest cold call possible. If you decide to go this route, it is possible to find the owner name (usually an entity, LLC) using sites/apps such as MapRight, LandGlide, and county-specific zoning parcel information. Note the owner name, then go to the Secretary of State website and search for the name of the llc. Either click on the name, or to the right click on Annual Report and the registered agent is usually the owner.

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For the Real Owners of the LLCs , Google “LLC or Corp lookup and the state” and the site should pull up. That is the site that you will find the members / owners of the LLCs and Inc.

For skiptracing I have used the following:

Good luck

  • Go to the local secretary of state website do a business search.
  • Look and see who is listed as an officer.
  • Use a site like True people search or white pages premium and look them up.

Easy Peasy!


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Depending on your budget:

lexis nexis—very expensive but the best out there
TLO-semi expensive depending on how many searches but good information
Reonomy—more information based on mapping=great info, but limited
Whitepages premium–good info if you have owners name already
Google business search—free(but could be limited)

Also, some states will give you access to the databases of all parks w/ owners information if you are apart of the MHA with the state