SFHA 100 year flood plain LOMA


How typical is it that a SFHA 100 year floodplain zone A is inaccurate? I would hate to waste $2000.00 to $5000.00 to hire an engineer or surveyor to come in and determine the BFE, but half of the park is not in this floodplain. Any advice is appreciated.



I just got done doing this for my single family residence. It only cost around 500 dollars (I’m sure a park will be more). And dealing with the engineer and FEMA is a total pain but it was definitely worth it. My home was removed from the 100 year flood plain and I was refunded the amount required for flood insurance. Before I even bothered, I spoke to the county to determine the BFE for my area. Then looked at the basic survey and saw that I was well above this and that I would most likely win.


County GIS figure out what division it is and ask then for the BFE at your location and satellite contour maps. This is not substitute for surveyor on the ground but will be quite close. We looked at a park where 50-70% was within one or two feet (both ways) of BFE per county GIS data but 100% in flood plain by FEMA. So close but so expensive to verify to FEMA satisfaction. Without FEMA rezoning no loan.