Septic System Resources


I’m hoping to purchase a local park on septic/well and looking for resources to get up to speed. Are there any recommendations out there on a specific book? Basically looking for ‘the septic system bible’ that’s easy to comprehend and up to date. Pretty pictures help.


A lot of these resources will be state specific and less general in nature. You should call the state environmental authority that regulates private utilities to see what materials they require licensed operators, installers, etc to use before obtaining accreditation.

You could also consider a boot camp from some operators. @PhillipMerrill sometimes has these…


There are two pretty comprehensive podcasts from Mobile Home Park Academy that talk in depth about private utilities. Episodes 23 & 24


Were doing a private utility workshop June 15 to 16th. Here is the link to the flyer

We have a few resources at our website as well


Those are great resources - I appreciate the tips. I’ll look into local operator accreditation as I live in Nebraska.
The podcasts will be great listening material during my morning run-thanks!