Septic failures in coastal areas - just the beginning



Good thing Miami has enough money to pay for that.


New oceanfront property–should be valuable


I can tell you that here in FL this will more than LIKELY become a HUGE issue in the coming years. Being a big time fisherman I went to a seminar on the water quality issues that have been plaguing our area now for a while and the Chief Scientist they had speaking has been researching the water quality problems all over the state of FL since the early 1980’s and said they he has found a link between the algae and leaking septic and sewer systems and of course septic systems by design leak even when brand new. He said that this eventually ends up in the waterways and then into the bays and Atlantic and Gulf especially during years where we get a ton of rain like last year with Irma.

So with the new governor in place who seems to be ready to tackle the water quality issue head on from day one I suspect we will see some changes as it relates to septic systems in the very near future as the state really can’t afford to continue having the fish kills, massive red tide blooms and green algae along the coasts not to mention all the other issues in bays around the state. I suspect they will start with larger multifamily type developments like MHP’s and then work towards single family homes and try to force them on to city sewer systems.