Seeking To Purchase Mobile Home Communities


Seeking To Purchase Mobile Home Communities.
In the lower 48 usa states.
Send specifications to:
Please include contact info for you.

Or contact George: 815 5586405


I will send you some in Western States
James Rueter Parks Plus 805-815-8105


Feel free to email me any in the western US too.


Hi, I am a buyer of Mobile Home Communities

Contact George @ 815-558-6405

We are offering millions of dollars of incentives more than a community is actually worth.
For communities with 100 or more occupied pads.

Currently dealing only with principles directly.


Would you be interested in a 37acre park as a turnaround project? Located in the City of Leesville, LA. Previously housed 110 spaces mostly military personnel. Will JV for infrastructure repairs or sell outright for $599K.

John Facey


@JFacey1 I might be interested in that park. I’m not willing to overpay like the other guy mentioned though. If still for sale email me some info at


Hi Jason,
Yes, the park is still available for outright sale or JV. As I mentioned, it is a turnaround opportunity for the right entity or investor. I acquired the park 2+ years ago when I retired from being a software development engineer. Being my first try at an effort such as this, I find that my lack of expertise in this area and trying to go this alone was a very optimistic effort on my part. I own the 37 acres free and clear and is hoping to recoup my actual purchase and cleanup costs via an outright sale of $599K or best offer and will consider owner financing also.
As for a JV initiative, the park needs sewer and street repairs and can be a phased implementation to minimize the the $$ outlay during the redevelopment period. The geographic layout of the park would also allow an initial RV park on the north and west sections of the park and the rest setup for regular manufactured homes. The main entrance to the park is on Highway 8 (Nolan Trace Parkway), which is the primary route between Leesville, LA and Jasper, TX. The main entrance is also bordered on each side by retail commercial lots to which I have 100% ownership and control. Either of these parcels can also be negotiated in, around or with the MHP initiative.

John Facey


Are there any homes in there currently? How many spots, how much a lot, etc. I live in Mississippi and am familiar with that part of Louisiana.


No homes in the park at this time. All the old trailer homes have been cleared from the premises. Only some old concrete storage units still standing. About 25 a res have been cleared of the pine trees, etc. There were 110 occupied home’s when the park was fully occupied and opperational. 2 additional acres was annexed after that was not part of the 110 spaces. If we estimate 110 spaces at $8500 per space, that would give an estimated value of $935000 as is. Only asking $599K or best offer for outright sale. Refurbished, each space should be valued at about $15000 each. ($1,650,000).
Ready to deal with any option you choose.