Seeking good plumber to install 100 water meters on homes


I am planning to install 100 new water meters on homes in central PA park I own. Needs to occur quickly. We will pay fairly for a quality company.

Does anyone know of a good plumbing company in PA?

We have some new inventory homes we can put a plumber crew up in for as long as necessary. As such, we’d be ok paying for travel/tolls for a crew from nearby states (NJ/WV/OH)

Thank you!


I haven’t used them myself as all of my parks that need it have already been submetered, but if I were in your shoes and starting from scratch I would strongly consider outsourcing the metering to Metron. I know other park owners who are really happy with the system, and the price is reasonable.


Where is your park? I know an MHP agent who knows a company that would do submetering. Contact Jerr at Waynesboro, PA (717) 762 9329 to find out.
Jerr said that the company that he knows would do the installation and might have the Metron unit like Noel_S said.


Terrific thank you both for the advice. Park is in Lancaster County, PA



If you have an installer we can supply you either municipal grade manual read or radio frequency meters at substantial savings. Also, we are a full service sub-metering company providing reading, billing, and collection services through out the US.

We’re here to answer your water sub-metering questions.

Dan Helton
Southern Water Management


We can install it for you…

we have been installing all over the us for the last 25 years.

Gimme a call and i can quote you guys out !



Terrific thank you both. I will reach out shortly