Security Camera Question


Just purchased my first park! 30 Spaces in AR. I am an out of state owner and would like to put up security cameras for a few reasons:
(1) To be able to view my park and get a sense of its cleanliness, etc.
(2) A few tenants have requested the addition of security cameras.
(3) Mitigate crime that may occur in the future.

I however would like to be frugal with my purchase of cameras and ensure that I remain lawful.
Are there any cameras that ya’ll recommend? The park is essentially one road in which you can see end to end. Can I get away with only 2 cameras? 4?
And any specific AR related law to be attentive to and possibly disclose to tenants upon the instalation of the cameras?

Thank you!!


I’m not in AR so don’t know the laws there but as far as cameras go it really depends on how far you want to be able to see and how far you want the cameras to be able to zoom in. We started with a Lorex 4 camera system from Costco that has served us well for the past four years but will be upgrading to better cameras this year or next.


Thanks CCon,
I am checking out the Lorex. Why are you choosing to upgrade?
Thanks : )


We are still researching upgrade options but think we will go with 4k cameras throughout various places within the community with the ability to monitor everything from phones and in the community office.