RV Site Electrical


For any of you that have RV sites in your mobile home parks…What is the approximate cost to upgrade the electrical pedestals from 30 amp to 50 amp at each site?

Also, if water lines are at the road close to the site, what is the approximate cost to run water lines to each site? Sites are seasonal only, mid-May to October.



Upgrading from 30 amp to 50 amp could become very expensive.

A 30 amp RV service is 120 V.
A 50 amp service is 240 V


Upgrading the pedestal is relatively cheap. Running the new wires will be pretty expensive.

Some people have “jumped” the wires in the pedestal to make 240. You end up with 15 amps of 240 V.
Not really worth the code violation since your tenant can buy an adapter.

Don’t forget you may have to upgrade your main service panel and possibly even upgrade your service from the power company.

If you want to do it right. I suggest hiring qualified electrician. All the load calculations can be found in the NEC code book.



There are a lot of things that factor into that answer such as what is already there as far as age of the box, wire guage, meter, type of connection to main power lines, distance from connection to main power lines to meter box and then from meter box to RV stand, etc, etc. Also depends on what type of boxes you wish to upgrade to, BUT, for example I have been upgrading my lots to be able to use for a mobile home or for a RV and I pay approx. $1400 per lot. I also use the same electrician for all my work and so I get good prices for labor. My park is also in an area with generally lower labor costs than some. That $1400 is for a completely new installation. New pole, new boxes, new wiring.


Good points… I would NEVER do the electrical work myself. I use a licensed electrician and follow all permits required. Not worth any violations or liability issues.


Great thing, never try those things which you doesn’t know well. So using licensed electrician is a great idea.


Your electrical question has too many variables.
If you had the correct breaker at the the master meter, correct wire size going to the pedestal, and 2 hot legs going into the box, it would be fairly cheap. I would pay around $500 plus permits.

If any of those things aren’t in place, add more $$.