RV/MH park software suggestions


I’m purchasing my first RV/MH park and am looking for suggestions on what software works best for RV reservations and online payments. I’m experienced in MH parks but RVs are new to me. The previous owners would stay open until 9pm for RV traffic and accepted cash payments. I want to eliminate cash payments and require all RVs to pay online with their card or with a check to the office. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


We use Rent Manager. There are several pretty solid softwares out there. AppFolio is another popular option that many of our students use.

-Brandon Reynolds


It depends on how much transient RV reservations you plan to allow. If the shortest stay you plan to allow is one month, then Brandon’s suggestion should work. The more transient your park, the less effective Rent Manager is at providing RV reporting. Campground Manager, while a bit more expensive, is a great tool to manage RV reservations.


Thank you for your input gentlemen. Monthly spots are preferred but I’m thinking I’ll have lots of nightly & weekly renters. I’m using ManageAmerica for my MH and they also have RV reservation on there. I think I have my online payment nailed down too so hopefully all will run smoothly. Thanks again guys.