RV annual rentals

Hi MHUers,
I’ve been looking at some RV parks lately. I know they don’t have the benefits of MH in that the RV tenant can just drive off without paying a huge moving fee. However, I was thinking, what if you tie them into an annual lease and take a month deposit? Basically like apartment rentals. If the area has enough demand, and you charge a bit of a discount for the annual lot rent, it seems like it would work and mitigate constant turn over. Has anyone done this?


Utility sub-metering for short term RV

We have been approached regarding the feasibility of charging electric and water to short term RV leases: Using a credit card setting up the account (same as renting a car) is simple; Tenant is charged their actual usage, along with a billing fee by a sub-metering service remotely; Their are no specific rules regarding rates; However should be disclosed in writing.
“We’re here to answer your sub-metering questions”

There is an RV park in the Florida Keys that has this concept. It is a Luxury RV park. Here is the link https://www.bluewaterkey.com/

We have an RV park in Western Washington that we operate like this. All of our tenants sign leases and we collect first month’s rent plus a refundable security deposit upon arrival. If someone does not give proper notice prior to moving or if they do not maintain their lot, the security deposit is forfeited. When we purchased the park last summer, we had to weed out a few non-payers and people that caused problems but since then, turnover has been infrequent and demand is high. If we have an open space, I generally get a few calls a day from a simple Craigslist ad. Most of our tenants have lived in the park for years so we try and operate it more like a mobile home park.

If you have any other questions, let me know.

@BeatenPath That’s great to hear, thanks for sharing