Running a Background Check


When running a background check on potential tenants, is there a certain website or place I should go to do so? What information will I need from the tenant to do this and what does it usually cost to run the background check? Thanks for any advice.


If you are using a property management software that may have an integration. Buildium uses smart move from trans union. This Can be nice you send them an email with the application and they have to verify. But if your people aren’t tech savvy I might find something else. Smart move has their own site aside from buildium.

Then you might try Krol, I think that’s what is from the boot camp. I have not used them.

We use a slightly different methodology but you can start looking there.


Try TransUnion. Thats who I use.


Any idea if that, or which service, catches any criminal records? I can find judgements through the state of Missouri but if the potential tenant has convictions in other states I’m not sure how to find out


What do most of you look for on a background check besides recent evictions?


I use the service through my property management software, but you can buy it separate its called rent prep. Transunion also has a service that does this.


I meant to add the cost depends on how deep you want the background to be. The top tier for rent prep is 34.95. I charge a 50 application fee to each prospective tenant and they have to pay that before I show a home. That way it cuts down on just showing houses to tire kickers