Residents asking for state of emergency break

This park I acquired earlier this year and another I have had 100% collections on since COVID. Some of my other parks that are not as nice have had about 3% -4% bad debt. The bad apples become rotten apples and try to use every means and excuse not to pay even with assistance available. Let’s hope we don’t have extended rent eviction moratoriums with the new politicians in DC. Best way to evict people now is on violations and nothing to do with paying the rents

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Thanks for responding. I hoped the news would be better although I can’t say I’m not surprised.

Good luck with everything.

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I had four tenants taking advantage of COVID evictions. One is now gone, another just left and totally trahsed the home which she owned and would need full renovations now. She said she will give us the title if we pay $500 but it isn’t worth it. Will nned to go through abandonment now I guess?

I have one tenant that said to the magistrate "Im not paying rent and I know I can’t be evicted because of the moratorium on evictions. Magistrate ruled as of February 1st we can file for possession. I have one other that ithe magistrate ruled in our favor and granted possession but she is using a free legal service and has dragged this out for three months now and just filed another amendment to the complaint. If anyone has any suggestions or knows an attorney that can help in PA please let me know. Thanks, Chuck

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Chuck, if you’ve been able to handle the evictions yourself and not get an attorney involved consider yourself lucky. In OH I’m required to have an attorney handle my evictions and they can be very expensive. I suggest you stay the course if the process isn’t too complicated. You’ll likely get your way after the tenant exhausts their options. In the meantime, put pressure on them for possible rules violations - require that they replace their skirting if it’s bad, give them 48 hours to clean their lot, etc… just keep the pressure on. They will realize that you are serious and that they are not welcome.

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