Replacing gravel in parking spot


My park has paved roads but in front of each tenants home there is a square parking space with gravel on it for about 2-3 cars. One of my tenants gravel has eroded/gone away and now the parking spot is very muddy. He asked that I replace the gravel and I honestly did not know how to respond. I combed over the lease and park rules and the gravel replacement for the parking space is not defined.

This may seem like a silly matter, but I don’t want to set a precedent for this tenant because then everyone will want their parking spots refilled. I would like to get everyone’s opinion on this. If it’s really my responsibility, I have no problem taking care of it but I asked around and the previous owner did not pay for the gravel either.



This is something you should take care of. It’s a very inexpensive way to make your tenants happy and keep your park looking nice. Have your manager walk the park and inspect the parking spaces to determine how many need more gravel. Get a few quotes from suppliers and go with the lowest bid - tell the supplier that you’ll want them to deliver it to various lots throughout your park. Have your manager accompany the delivery guy and dump the needed amount at each lot. Have your manager or maintenance guy spread it out with a rake. If you have an area in your park that isn’t being used and is out of sight, have the excess gravel dumped there so your manager can use it in the future for filling pot holes in parking spaces and landscaping.


My residents are responsible for the cost to maintain their lot including the laneway. Many of my residents have paved their laneways.


I agree with @tmperrault, I think I would consider this a park responsibility.


I appreciate the responses. Seeing as how I do not have this responsibility listed on my lease or park rules, I decided to just go ahead and take care of it myself.


You could change rules to include tenant maintaining their parking area along with no storage of old cars, repairing on blocks etc after you put this new gravel in


Another way to look at it…if you pay for gravel then you can keep it consistant…if they buy it you may have a bunch of different colors.


@bobodo2 very good point. I had decided already to just go ahead and take care of it, but this is one more reason to just bite the bullet.


@Dominic730 What material did you use, gravel again? I am looking at replacing/improving a few parking spots of similar description to yours, and was considering different surfaces to reduce future maintenance needs. Thanks!!


Yeah just gravel again. I don’t want to have to redo the 39 other lots with another material. I would love to hear some other options for the future though.


@Dominic730 Makes sense. if i find something of comparable price I will let the forum know, i’ll have 12 or more upcoming to possibly improve by end of this calendar year.