Rental Rejection Letter

It is required by law to send a rental rejection letter to any tenant who is not approved.
Questions is, does anybody know of any website or software service in which you can enter the name and address of the recipient and click a button to send the letter? I know there are services that send letters to your mail list, but in this case, we would only be sending a letter to one person at a time.

That aside, how do other operators manage this task in compliance with the law?


If you are doing it one at a time, you should be fine to draft the letter up yourself and send it out.

Softwares like rent manager, (which is commonly used in the mobile home business) has modules where you can create the letter in the system yourself and it will email out with the push of a button.

I currently send my rejection letters out via email and mail, one by one like you!

Raypasos, I cannot do it by myself. I have an overseas customer support team handle all customer service issues including processing statements and letters. However, the software we use only allows sending letters to Tenants and not Applicants. Thus, we need a 3rd party solution to mail rejection letters to Applicants.

Mailings are done 1 at a time (as opposed to services who will send 1,000 direct mail pieces to a mail list) and must be processed electronically overseas by our customer service agents for fulfillment in the United States without me ever seeing or touching the letter.

We use Letter Stream to send out individual letters which is a little more costly around $1.09 per letter but efficient.

For rejection letters, you certainly don’t need mass mailing. We are in CA and belong to our statewide association, WMA. They have California state specific forms for member use. Makes it so easy to be in compliance. See if your state has a local MHP owners association.