Releveling 1800sq.ft mobile home on pillars


Hi, and thank you all advance. I’m in Tampa Fl, Can you give me an idea what to expect both professionally and financially. I intend to have a minimum of 3 contractors inspect as it has lost the soil from flooding.


The going rate for a single wide seems be around $450. Don’t know about double wides.


A dirty secret is that you usually have to re-skirt at least half the home after a re-level because the bottom comes out of the skirting rails and is too short to reset.

The times I have done this a couple things happen: 1) As the home settled the prior skirting had been trimmed at the base so that it wouldn’t “bow” outward and after re-leveling there is now a 3-4 inch gap; or 2) The bottom was not trimmed but now the skirting is warped and looks dumb and will still look dumb after the re-level, and after leveling it will still have a 1-2 inch gap at the bottom.

Bake at least an additional $500 into your budget, maybe $1,000 if you’re using nicer materials.