Putting vinyl siding on an old home


can you put modern vinyl siding on an older style home? will it creates leaks or is there any extra things i must do to complete this task?
Also is there any other tricks you guys have to sprusing up an older style home to give it a nice apperance? I am going off of Frank and Daves due diligence manual when they say to spend extra money making the POH look nice, because we are selling off all POH immediately but they need work to meet the min. habitilality laws in my state??


Back in my apartment landlording days,I had some pretty lackluster looking units that I trimmed out the windows with just some boards which made the place look a lot better.

I thought for little bit of work and money it cost, it gave a pretty good result. Notice the difference between the ones I had framed out and the ones I had not done yet.

If I were doing it again, I would use the white vinyl molding (or even the 1 x 4 stock) that they sell at Lowes.

I was just on Adventure Homes’ website and thought this dark dull blue with the white trim looked striking.

I’ve been kicking around in my head an idea I’ve had to make window boxes out of white vinyl stock (so it does not need to be painted) with a chicken wire bottom in such a way that you could plop flower pots from the nursery or go to the dollar store and see if they have some fake stuff that could stand up to the sun. I’m thinking of giving the 21st Mortgage / new home deal a try and thought it might pay to spiffy up things a little.


Even getting to the minimum habitability could require quite a bit of coin. Do that first within your budget, and see what is leftover for niceties like new paint, trim (just like @Randy_CA mentioned), staining decks, carports, vinyl fencing, lighting, and the very basic landscaping items. I personally would keep the existing siding and repair the parts that need it before painting.


The answer is yes you definitely can! We bought a park last year with over 40 POHs. Homes were old, small and park had small lots. But its in a good market and was mismanaged. We knew there was an opportunity to totally revitalize the park. We vinyl sided over 35 homes.

It totally transformed the park - the quality of tenants who started coming in greatly improved. We had city and police commend us. Of course we would not have done this unless it made financial sense. We were able to raise lot rents from <$200 to $300. We started changing from renters to owners.

One tell tale sign was we had one person recently paid is $13K in full to buy a house. Prior to this project we could not find a person to pay is $500 down.

Before doing this, make sure the homes have no leaks already. Also, fix windows prior. We left the metal on the homes and put Tyvek around it, then the siding. It actually improved the insulation on these homes.

Note: We were able to do this at a very reasonable cost as one of our park manager’s significant is a professional sider. Otherwise this may not have been reasonable.

Below are some pics. They may not have been uploaded in correct order but I think you can guess the Before and After picts.


Wow those look great, thank you for the above I appreciate it a lot. I feel like the park your referring to is a lot like the one I have under contract.


Fantastic! How much would you recommend budgeting for such a siding job?


For mid sized singlewides materials at menards were running roughly $1100-$1500. My manager had a brother who was very handy and bid $750 per house labor and $1250 for doublewides.

Finding a contractor for siding is tricky - for most construction projects I only use someone licensed, but there’s no safety or health risk in a siding job, so you can sometimes get by with unlicensed. However, it’s still a tricky job that requires a fair amount of skill to get it done efficiently and correctly, so finding someone with those skills and a lower price point can be tough.


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Easy pleasy. Blam! – Here is one of my parks.


I knew they could install siding over exsisting siding. I had this done on my house from conservation of Dallas a couple years back. But it is great to know they can do this just as easily for your home! Wow. Beautiful