Purchasing Well and Septic Property


Looking on the store, there are obviously a lot of parks that are well/septic sitting out there. My questions are:

  1. What is the worst case if you buy a park on well?
  2. What is the worst case if you buy a park on septic?

  1. Worst case with the well is you need to do a new one. Depending on a lot of factors it could exceed $15k
  2. You need to replace the whole septic system. We just bought a large park and replaced the septic for $400k. We knew that going into the deal though.
    2a) The other worse case is you have to replace septic and you don’t have a place to put the new ones


Worst case(s)
The well dries up and you drill multiple wells and cant find water.

Well becomes contaminated residents, drink it get sick and sue you. Your insurance will generally not cover contamination so the park is liable