Polybutylene Sewer Pipes


I have a 20 unit park under contract and just found out that the entire sewer system is polybutylene.
Knowing that polybutylene pipes in a mobile home is never good but i cant find any discussion on the forum about a whole sewer system that is polybutylene.

Any information about that would be appreciated


I would talk to some plumbing supply companies about it.


I would speak with the city about their concerns on the material, as ultimately they would be the ones that force you to replace it one day. Would be interesting to see a sewer cam traverse the entire system to see how it has help up over the years. If there are intrusions all over the place then you know what you’re getting into.


Pretty sure that polybutylene issues were related more to the joints failing under pressure in Home water lines.

If used for sewer lines there wouldn’t be the concerns as sewer lines aren’t pressurized.

But I am no expert either


Polybutylene was almost exclusively used for pressure drinking water pipes in the 1/2" to 1" size range. Failure was largely attributed to chlorine and chloramine in the drinking water actually compromising the interior of the pipe. Are you sure you actually have polybutylene sewer pipe? It was not used for sewer to my knowledge?


On the 1 empty lot I have there is a grey pipe and after talking to the seller that built it in 1965 he describes the pipes as black PVC pipes.
Other than that I just don’t know much more about them.
I am having a plumbing company out next week to run a camera through there.


it is what it is really. once you find out the details you might find that it’s not as bad as it sounds. Please share follow up after the plumber gets a peek at it?


what did you find out from the plumber and what did the camera show? It sounds like the black plastic pipe used in the early 70’s that is abs thin wall plastic pipe? Please explain what the plumber determined?


Seems like the pipes are black PVC and according to the plumber they are in great shape so I guess this one is a go.
20 Lots, 19 TOH 1 empty lot for $110,000
Lot rent only$150 with other parks at $250 +
City water, city sewer, city streets.
Unless I am missing something, looks like a good deal.