Plowing - Rule of Thumb / Inches


What’s people rule of thumb for plowing - 2"? Know other conditions may swing one way or another depending on temperature, etc


We are currently setup at 2 inches ( and our pricing is based on tiers of snowfall).

BUT we also sometimes just salt. So if there is a possibly of a light dusting, that might not require a plow, but to ensure the surface doesn’t ice, they may come in and salt. Or they may salt the evening of it it will salt overnight.


Last year I used 3” for the trigger. They would come by and plow every time we reached that depth of snow and being in Maine that got expensive. This year I’m paying someone a flat rate to plow per storm which is also expensive, but easier to track since it’s only one payment per storm and he keeps the place clear throughout the duration of the snow.

Next year I will experiment with getting a plow guy to charge per pass down my road but cap it at 2 plows per storm (one midway through storm and one final clean up when it has passed) I think money wise this will be most cost effective.