Has anyone used a website designed to help with tenant pet management?
One of the better park managers I know brought it to my attention. The service documents tenants’ pet ownership, screens out pets that aren’t allowed (per your standards/gov’t standards), and properly tests Emotional Support Animal documents. The cost is free to park owners and to non-pet owners, $20/tenant for animal owners, plus $10 for additional animals.

If you’ve used it, I’d like to hear your experience prior to recommending it to our park owning clients. It seems to reasonably offload work and reduce liability.


Would also love to hear, looks like a great option.

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We use it and it does seem to do a good job at screening residents and accessing their pets based on a FIDO Score. then that is what they pay based on that score.

Only downside is any new resident you have to make sure they go fill it out as its not a normal process of integration w/ rent manager applying thru a website or etc.

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FIDO score. That’s classic :wink:

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