Permitting an old mobile home in California


My mom has recently upgraded from an old single wide trailer from the 70s on one of her properties and is looking to get rid of it or sell it. The trailer is still in good condition and I’m wondering how difficult it would be to buy a lot, throw it on there, and rent it out. We have the title and registration through HUD. I’m looking at lots in Northern California around the Mendocino area. However, I’m told I will have a real difficult time getting a trailer from the 70s moved onto a lot and permitted in California. Especially in that county. Can anyone shed some light on this? Is there a way around this?



I’m in Washington so I can’t speak for the laws in Cali. However, I can tell you don’t move a 1970s trailer. There is a year in the 1970s where they still used aluminum wiring. They stopped in the mid 1970s, but I can’t remember if it was 1973 or 1976. Cali has strict laws on things, and I can imagine moving an old trailer with possible aluminum electrical wiring could be a problem. We have a law in WA that states that if you move a certain year in 1970s (I don’t recall if its '76 or older) you have to, once its placed and permitted, bring everything up to standard building code. Which makes resale pretty impossible for a reasonable price for that age home. Food for thought. Your permits office would be able to help you a lot if you call and ask them directly in the city you are looking to move it to. :slight_smile: Best of luck.


The other thing is that structurally, its so old that it may not survive the ride on the truck. The inside structure are mostly 1x2 and 60 miles an hour with bumps may not work in your favor. All manufactured housing is intended to be built then moved onto a permanent lot somewhere. It doesn’t usually ride well to another location. Might be money ahead to crush it and roll the expense created from the demo and removal into the purchase price that you are asking for the new home on the then cleared lot.


I think every county will be different. Call the county building dept, ask them what year homes are allowed to be put on land.