Paylease through Rent Manager


@kalikali , as per your post:

  • “Any other thoughts on the the viability on these companies?”

First of all we do not use Paylease nor any other Rent Management Database.

Thus, I can not make any specific recommendations on those specific Computer Software.

For our 2 Mobile Home Parks we use Excel and Word (yes - not a Database - but works for our purposes).

For Companies with a larger number of Lots some type of Database would be much more effective.

In the past I have worked in 2 Publicly Traded Computer Software Companies.

Specifically, I spent multiple years as a Computer Software Quality Assurance Analyst. Basically, I found “Bugs” (issues) in the Computer Software. Our Computer Software Companies were large, so they had the ability to have a Department (Quality Assurance) of “Bug Finders” and “Programmers” to resolve these issue.

The problem is that once one issue was resolved, then another issue would pop up (which needed to be fixed).

Thus, a Computer Software Company would need to be large enough to resolve issues.

Are these Computer Software Companies large enough to have the needed resources?

Where is your “Data” stored (on their server /or/ in the clouds)?

What if you want to “Export” your Data out of their Database? Does the Company have the ability to do this?

What if you want to go to another Software Company?

We wish you the very best!