Paying for water and sewer on vacant lots


Does anyone know if there is any laws regarding whether communities are allowed to charge minimum water/sewer charges for vacant lots? We have parks in Ohio and are being charged for lots with no homes on them; some lots will have homes in the future, but some may never have homes on them again. Any ideas on how to deal with these municipalities? Thanks.


Don’t know if there is a legal basis, have you talked with water and sewer dept regarding this? Letting them know you only have x lots out of y occupied?


The forum has been discussing this more and more over the last year. Going to be interesting to see who will challenge the cities on what seems to be a form of extortion. :tired_face:


Yes, we’ve spoken with them. They insist on continuing to collect $$ on these lots as they have done all along, unfortunately.


We just had that issue on trash , where trash co said pay on all flat fee even with vacancy. Then it turned out, the trash co was willing to bill tenants individually ( and hence we get out of paying vacant pads) so it ended being a win for use getting out of the loop and pricing was the same .

Have you happened to pop the question to them about if they would consider, and what it would take for them to direct bill the tenants? That might not be a win here but might be worth asking…

We previously were able to cap water and sewer on vacant lots and add as we fill up.

I would try and fill up the park if that other stuff doesn’t work . Sounds illegal but probably too much effort time and money to try and do that. Im really not sure if it is or is not.

See if you can resolve it being amicable