Partners, networking, and boot camp

I’m looking to break into the MHP field and acquire my first park. I’ve been primarily looking in the Midwest but I’m open to other areas. I figure there are some folks in my same position or perhaps have a park or two but looking to expand. If anyone is looking to partner up or just interested in networking and connecting, please reach out. I’m signed up for the Vegas boot camp at the end of August (hopefully if the world doesn’t end…), so I’m hoping to meet to see some of you there.



The MHP Bootcamp is 3 days of full information flow - no fluff. It’s a true real estate investment teaching conference and a good investment for those entering and or operating in the business. Bring a seatbelt.

I understand the April Conference scheduled for Nashville will be held “virtually.” Reach out to Brandon if you’ve signed up for the LV conference as that may give you some special considerations for the April virtual conference.


Kurt - thanks for the reply. That’s a good idea about the Nashville camp. I’m looking forward to attending a camp in person, so hopefully things get back to normal a bit.

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I’m assuming since you picked up your first park and have moved on to a second and soon another, that things are going well? Since you were in the same boat as me about a year ago - any advice you care to share after a year of ownership?

Hi Craig I’m interested in partnering up right now I’m doing a pretty big Fix and Flip in Salt Lake City I would like to buy preferably in Florida I’m also wholesaling I was just offered 3 wholesale parks I can’t buy my be more than happy to send them to you if it’s something you’d be interested in price ranges from 1 to 4.5 m my email tjm 9988 at gmail thanks Tom

Hey Tom,
Thanks for the response. I’m definitely looking to get more active in the space, but I don’t have the finances to take down parks in the 1-4.5m range.

Hey Tom, We own two parks in Louisiana. I am interested in the ones you are wholesaling. I will email you. Walter "Hank"Hankins

Hi Hank shoot me your email. U might find one interesting. I’ve been shown four off-market to help wholesale and you doing this will I make some money to join their buyers myself thanks Tom my email Tjm 9988 at gmail

Hi Craig, I am looking for my 1st park, and interested in JV. Give me a call if you want to talk and further network. Travis 337-356-2682


Are you looking in a particular area of the country? I’ve been focusing my efforts on the Midwest right now.