Parks for Sale in Midwest

2 Parks for sale in the Mid West

21 pads in major suburb
12 tenant owned homes
8 park owned homes
1 House
$300 rents
Public Utilities

51 pads
22 Spaces
28 Park owned homes
1 house
$220 rents.

Looking for offers on either one. PM me for more info.

@bkreppel I can assist with financing for potential buyers.

Please email me with details on these parks for sale.

I would be interested in these

I am interested… please send details to

Thank you!

Please contact me… we are interested …
Carl Heintz

I’m interested could you please send me more information on this park

Please send info on the parks to:

Sent. Let me know if you have any questions


Send me more information, please

Please share info with me:

please send info to:

Still available. Might be worth making an offer!