Park-wide Notification System


Does anyone have a good system for a park-wide notification system? Such as evacuation notices or a general notice to everyone in park for water shut-offs for repairs etc. (city has been replacing water valves at the street level lately) … any suggestions other than mailbox delivery? Any recommendations for an outdoor bulletin board or any other ideas? Not all my tenants use the mailboxes provided and I am looking for something easier than taping a notice to everyone’s door.


Unfortunately I’ve found the only sure way is going door to door.

For non vital stuff professional property management software will have the ability to send out a mass text message and email. However, our tenant base isn’t very tech savvy so I wouldn’t count on it reaching 100% of the residents.


Sadly, I think I agree with you. I was just hoping maybe someone had found a good solution … LOL


You can have your tenants sign up to be alerted via text for any park-wide notifications. Informational flyers can be posted on doors. Emails… phone calls.

My best suggestion is a text, most people have cell phones these days.

Hope that helps!


There are quite a few who text me with questions throughout the month but I do have some who do not want texts. BUT… I just signed up for Rent Manager with PayLease and Cash Pay and they require a current email to assign them an account so I will add a line into my rules that all park notices will be in email form going forward. I also think I might create a website for the park and I can put a notices section on there as well.


Rent Manager offers an optional service for texting tenants ($20/mo for 1000 texts). Almost everyone will get a text message, but only 2/3 will get (and read) an email. We do both email and text in Rent Manager for critical messages.


There is no reason to treat your community any differently than how your township deals with any residential community issues. Notice by mail.
I do all my general notices by mail. For water I simply inform them work is being done so they do not call me when there is a issue. Bulletin boards could be used at the entrance but are not reliable. If tenants do not use mailboxes provided then they do not get notices. I never do door to door as most people are not home and it would take me too long. Word usually spreads throughout the community fairly quickly anyway. I do not hold their hands.
I do not take responsibility for emergency situations that are not related directly to my park services (water and sewer). Emergency evacuations can be handled by the police. Not my responsibility.