Park under contract anyone interested?


Hey all…I currently have a park under contract in Cassopolis, MI. It has 50 lots, 18 of which are occupied for 300 lot rent a month. It is on 14 acres with city water and private sewer, septic system. Also has stick built home at front of property that is 3/1 and rents for 650 a month. Park currently under contract for 200k with 25 down but seller holding half of that as second note so only $25000 down. The reason I am becoming less interested is during DD it came about that around 10 of the homes have no title and the seller not interested in getting them and I am to busy in my other business to get myself and not comfortable with purchasing with no title. She’s very old school and currently if someone leaves and moves in she gives ownership with a “bill of sale” she writes on piece of paper. If anyone interested feel free to call or message me…973-388-0067. I’m not asking for finders fee just trying to get my phase 1(which was clean) and lawyer fees out of it which was ~ $5000


Can you send me the numbers and the address. May be interested.


59733 Decatur Rd, Cassopolis, MI. Maple Grove Trailer Court. A lot of the numbers were in the post. After expenses park brings in about $12000 a year in current condition. With around 30 empty pads.


Thank you. Will check it out



Interested in your Michigan park. Did you run a test ad? Would you mind if I did?