Park road chip seal heaving and pot holes - How to fix?


Purchased a park this winter and now that Spring has sprung, one of the roads in the middle of the park is much worse than expected. The current road is chip seal.

It is heaving everywhere, pot holes everywhere, ect…

What can you do OVER uneven chip seal?

I have one option I have looked into, being gravel, which is inexpensive. However, it’s obviously not ideal.

Thoughts and input appreciated!


Do you have pictures ? Sounds like gravel over chip n seal might be a little short sighted.

You might check on infrared heat patching and then sealcoat the top. Not perfect but one thing I have done.



I’ll grab some pics this week. Appreciate the help and feedback, once again.


I always thought the advantage to chip and seal is that you just put more down and it becomes harder and easier to care for over time.