Park / Park owner spreadsheet


Would anyone be willing to share their spreadsheet with me? I’m not looking for your data (not that I wouldn’t take it!)’ I’m willing to do my own work but I’m just no good creating a new spreadsheet. If someone has a template they’d be willing to share that would be greatly appreciated.


Sure, I made a great one, but first, how many parks do you have?


The next one I close on will make a total of one


Give me a call tomorrow and I can get your email and send you one for one park, and then I can go over it with you. Most likely you will have to adapt it to your park and to your account structure.



Thanks Randy. I wasn’t as clear as I should have been. I’m trying to start a database of parks and park owner information to start direct marketing to. I’ve started collecting data but it’s just handwritten on legal pads. I’m looking for a good spreadsheet to use to organize it, like the one Kevin Bupp and Charles DeHart use.


I would be interested in seeing an example as well. We are trying to organize a little better, but not wanting to spend an arm and a leg on software.


Check out your states dept of health as they generally issue operating licenses. In Illinois for example I got a simple excel sheet. Indianna on the other hand had individual online pages for each park but contained more contact information. Its just a matter of doing the boring work to gather the info.