Park Owner and Tree Removal


I completely understand all of this. Our park owner agree to let them be planted, agreed that should they become an issue, we would remove them.

They do, well did not, pose a single problem in any way.

I appreciate your response, it was informative and educational.

Let me say the park owner’s sister also lives here. He went and hacked down her palm tree the other day that she got from a student 29 years ago. Not one word to his own sister. She is heartbroken.

Any ways, hubby is currently removing them.

I wish all park owners would explain things like you have.

Thank you so much for answering my question, hopefully it will save some one else the heart ache.

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I live in San Luis Obispo County CA. Luis is pronounced Loo-is, not loo ie lol

Is it your role here to be rude and judgemental? Or is that just you being you? I treat others as they treat me, but I am not the kind of person to be like how you present yourself to others here. I dont see the point or reason. If you wish to keep that up, please stay off my post. Thank you!

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I state things exactly as I see them, I do not waste words sugar coating with unnecessary emotions on a forum. That can be interpreted as rude.
As for being judgemental, yes I am.

Yes, it IS like losing a family member. My heart goes out to you and your husband. It must have been so difficult for him to cut it down. Tell him he was much stronger than I would have been.


Sorry for not answering sooner, everything from here keeps going into spam.

He had a rough time, thank you!

I will tell him :slight_smile:


Can you help me. I’m in San Luis Obispo California. You can email me at I would like some assistance. Thank you.

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Can I ask you what mobile home park it is? I live in one in San Luis Obispo

Question. Can a property owner raise the sewage rates to any price? We’re county and on one community septic tank. They keep raising it and I don’t know how they calculate this. Thank you.

A lot of replies here. But as a lawyer I would make the owner prove that it was necessary for the health and safety for all if that would be difficult. Most of my customers cannot afford to fight in court on these issues, and you may need to go get an injunction before the owner just sends you notice and then a logger shows up, but at the end of the day I don’t interpret the rules to give the owner 100% discretion, it must be for health and safety reasons, and then they are going to have to explain to the judge or jury why they gave you permission and are now withdrawing it. Judges and juries don’t like that.


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Im so sorry the emails from here were going into my spam folder and did not see this. I am in the north county. I will look into this, ours goes up in OCT.

Wow really wish I had your advice sooner!! Sadly the trees are gone. Fortunately one little tiny baby pine is growing right in between where they were. Thank you for your response!

The thing with trees is that they look too good in any housing development.

And they can harm in any development, too.

So one have to compromise and select those trees that cause less harm and still provide good views and shadow for everyone.

It’s essential to select deep root trees, plant them away from the water or sewer lines and keep them trimmed.

Trees can be an added value to a MHP id good criteria is used when landscaping.

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I am not sure you read this entire topic,

I live in a very rural area. The area behind us was all pasture to the riverbed in all directions. The houses now behind us have utilities that come from their street out in front of their house, no where near the trees.

Those trees did not harm anything, no utilities, no sewer lines.

We wanted to keep them for the shade and fresh air they provide, as well as keeping nosy neighbors from peeking thru the fence when we are in the backyard.

Thanks for you input tho!

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Hey Shouaxx, I emailed you from my own email you can remove this is you like

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