Park location: Small town within MSA vs Small town outside MSA and proximity to Walmart


Hi All,

I have general question about evaluating park location. General rules of thumb I hear a lot of people use is 1) MSA with over 100K people, and 2) Walmart Supercenter within 5 miles.

While some parks do satisfy both criteria, others satisfy only 1 or only 2. For example, I saw parks that are within large MSA, but are in small town 10 to 20 miles removed from main city and nearby Walmart. I also saw a few that are located in small town (10K to 20K people) that is not part or any MSA, but there is Walmart Supecenter located within the town.

Assuming that both median household income and house price are satisfactory, how do you evaluate cases described above and get comfortable with the location?



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But, for what it’s worth - I’d prefer a small town without a super walmart in a desirable MSA. Super Walmart can survive in towns I wouldn’t want a park.