Opinions: Huge Profits in Mobile Homes & Mobile Home Parks Home Study Course

Hello everyone,

After being introduced to the exciting world of commercial real estate investing last year, I’ve decided that my 2 focus niches are mobile homes/parks and self storage. I am finally ready to make the leap and engage in my first mobile home investment! I’ve found a couple of very nice prospects here in Austin, TX. However, I’m getting stuck on the obvious next steps - financing & due diligence. I am looking for a “step-by-step” manual to help me work through my very first real estate investment deal (aside from my own personal residence).

I am considering purchasing the “Huge Profits in Mobile Homes & Mobile Home Parks Home Study Course” by Ernest Tew & Steve Case. Does anyone have any thoughts about how the course has helped them, particularly new/first-time investors?

Any advice/input would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks, and see you at MHM6!!!


P.S. - If you have any questions about the Austin area, please do not hesitate to ask. I’ve been living here since July 2000, just after I finished my undergraduate education.

P.P.S. - I am also going through this same process with Self Storage units. I’ll be attending Corey’s SS bootcamp in June. If anyone has thoughts regarding the “Secrets of Self Storage Investing” home study course, I’d greatly appreciate any insight. I am looking for the very best tools for brand new investors. I’ve been incredibly impressed by MHU and Corey Donaldson. I think that Corey & Steve are subject matter experts. I’m very eager to get my business off the ground, and would like some real testimonials from those who have been there.

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I personally consider “Huge Profits in Mobile Homes & Mobile Home Parks” & “invesnting in mobile homes with land” by Scott St. Aubin & Tony Colella to be required reading for anyone interested in MHP’s. I rank these products right up there with Deals on wheels, as with any educational material they are really only worth what you do with the information but these are the main three books that I’ve taken information from and put to use in my playground.

As for your first step, my personal recommendation is to do at least 4 Lonnie deals right outa the book to get a better feel for what MH investing is about and make your first and biggest mistakes on a 2-4k investment instead of trying to tackle a large park right out of the gate. This advice has been around for a while and has proven to be very beneficial to most who have taken it.

As a side note, if you (or anyone else here) has not read Lonnie’s new book “Taking the mystery out of money” I HIGHLY Recommend it and believe it should be required reading in our high schools.

Best wishes,

Ryan Needler

Amen, Ryan. I also think Lonnies book should be required reading in high schools.

Hi Nia how are you its been a few years how is your MH business going?