On site park equipment & infastructure


I am relatively new to MHPs and have been working doing the maintenance at a friend’s park that he recently purchased as a primer for when I hopefully buy in the next 6-18 months. The park in question had previous bad management and needed several homes brought in. I have a construction background so this has been easy but still eye opening.

Now to my question. How much park equipment & infrastructure does a “typical” park need? I am looking at being a hands on, off site, owner operator. I have found having my small loader backhoe on site immensely useful. From digging ditches for new gas and electrical lines for newly brought in trailer. Snow removal, gravel road grading, site prep, spreading of asphalt millings, etc. The park has a 12’x12’ building used as a shed. His other park has a 36’x36’ garage where supplies and equipment are kept. I know every park is unique and everyone has their own management style. I hoping to find out what other operators have found works for them.


I have a tractor with a front end loader and attachments (ripper etc.) as well as numerous trailers including a dump trailer. I would love to have a back hoe although would never have enough need to warrant owning one. I rent any other equipment I need on a as needed bases.
Some equipment is not necessary to own if you do not have enough hours in the day to use it.



The loader Backhoe I own is a Kubota Bx 23s sub compact tractor. Its max backhoe depth is only 6’. With my limited experience the typical park built in the 70s has relatively shallow water and sewer lines so that depth hasn’t been an issue. I have found the small size an asset when trying to address issues in between trailers. Also the unit with some upgrades was only $24k new.

What has made it such a great tool for the park is when we tell our plumber and electrician that we will dig any trench they need within a 24 hour period they are much more responsive and getting the job done quickly. Plus it is very cost effective even after a monthly tractor payment to higher our the grunt work in house rather than have the plumber or electrician do it themselves or sub it out.

Any experience with having a bullet heater on site?

A base level of PEX fitting and values for when new units come in or the inevitable midnight flood? Having a few shark bite end caps are a great way to fix a burst pipe quickly till morning. We had a problem in old values not shutting off completely and turning off the water to the entire park for more than an hour becomes a huge headache.

Lawn Mower?
Pressure washer?
Gas weed eater?

I hear you on it is better to just rent items that you don’t or won’t use enough to ever justify the upfront cost.

Where do you store your loader and /or other tools? Do you keep it on site or do you haul it in as needed?