On site Management


We own a small park 40 spaces located in a mountain community.
Our problem is on site management.
a. What is a reasonable pay for a part-time manager?
b. We have tried residents in the park, has not worked for us.
c. Ideas on hiring an off site person to manage?
Any suggestions much appreciated.


How full is the park and is rules enforcement part of the job? What is the job description? Is it just be eyes and ears & mouthpiece? Who’s going to supervise Maintenance & Repairs?

If you can write down what the job is, then you can probably hire someone to do it.

We have tried off-site manager, has not worked for us. They don’t have a stake in the community after hours or over the long term.


We have 80% occupancy, Job includes part time 20-25 hours a week, supervise vendors, enforce rules, daily pick up any trash.
Let us know of any emergency or maintenance issues, we do all collections and banking. If they show a home for sale they get a bonus.